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We concentrate more on improving metabolism than reducing weight.

Eating habits can leave a huge impact on diabetic patient.

Good nutrition during pregnancy helps keep the mother and baby healthy.

Many people suffer dizziness in routine. This program will help them to regain the energetic.

Sleep disturbance persists at high rates in bipolar disorder despite adequate pharmacological treatment for mood disturbance.

Migraines can be debilitating and a chronic condition that can impact daily life for some people.

It's a 3-stage process

  • You fill the ‘Getting to know you’ sheet to help us figure out your existing eating pattern and workout routine, expectations from the program and health parameters which are important to you
  • An appointment schedule is generated for the duration of the program based on your time and day preferences.
  • A document with easy guidelines to implement before your first appointment is shared.
  • You start off with an hour long first meeting where we work together on devising an eating pattern that is sustainable and a culture fit.
  • Weekly interactions to review and alter your meal and exercise plans.
  • Phone, Whatsapp and email support throughout for all of your queries.
  • Special meal planning for special occasions like work travel, holiday, wedding, festivals, etc.
  • We maintain a lifelong relation with you and provide support anytime you need.
  • A post- consultation document summarizing all the learnings from the program and also practical guidelines for most of the situations you will face going forward.

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