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At Eatvisor I believe in transformation, transformation of not just body but transforming to be an individual with a healthy mind that resides in a thriving body . I am absolutely against starving yourself or following unreasonable diet that harms our metabolism and spoils our systems and restricts us. I want all to enjoy their food and make health the way of their lifestyle . I specialise in curing and preventing life style diseases like diabetes , migraine, sleep and mood disorders and digestive system disorders and be mentally and physically healthy being inspired to progress towards a bigger goal of a wholesome content life.

I want once diet should be free from fear and guilt and to be full of joy. My plans are designed taking into consideration ones' needs and necessities in aspects of health and daily routine to ensure that it can be followed to be embedded to be a part of day to day living habits and not just a practice of short period. enjoying good health and make changes in one's bodily or psychological systems so as to cure or prevent even chronic diseases , disorders and weight reduction, all one needs to do is to focus what we are consuming ; we are to feed our body and mind with nutritions that guards and enhances our system than defeats our being . Let's indulge together in a plan of eating wise, not with expiry date , but that lasts forever gifting us with LIFE .

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